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Annabelle Kempf (born October 27, 1999) is a singer, songwriter and entertainer born in Philadelphia, PA mostly known for her Featured role as a Ballet Girl in Broadway’s Billy Elliot the Musical and more recently recognized for her HQ YouTube covers of popular, rock and old standard hits.

At a young age, she developed a big passion for singing, dancing and acting and at 7, Annabelle was encouraged to enter her community's Talent Competition Show 'Lower Merion's Got Talent' where she won First prize beating out hundreds of talented musicians of all ages.

By the time she was 8, Annabelle was performing professionally in Regional and Off-Broadway Productions as well as Theatrical Pilots and was receiving invitations to Guest Star at Cabarets and Benefit Fundraisers in both her hometown of Philadelphia and NYC. By the time she was 11 years old, Annabelle had booked her first Broadway Role as a Featured Ballet Girl in Billy Elliot the Musical after attending a very crowded Open Call!

Annabelle did many Fundraisers and Benefit Cabarets in NYC after her Broadway run and continued to work in the industry booking roles in staged readings and interstitials. During this time, this driven young teen began to experiment with songwriting and instrumentation. She picked up the piano, guitar and ukulele by ear and was composing original material and lyrics by the time she was 15 years old. One of Annabelle’s original pieces is set to be placed in a Netflix Feature Film.

At 16, Annabelle was scouted on YouTube by Warner Music Group's Online Division, ‘Instrumental’, and was signed for a year as a Cover Artist to produce high end YouTube Videos to promote the label. Annabelle continues to release beautiful high quality cover videos on her YouTube Channel on a regular basis.

Boasting a strong fan base on YouTube with organic views and likes in the thousands per video and a quickly growing following on Instagram reaching well over 30K followers, Annabelle is captivating the hearts of audiences all over the world and of all ages.

She does not focus on only one genre when covering her favorite artists, and enjoys singing R&B, Pop, Jazz, Soul and Classic Rock. To round things out, Annabelle has always had a strong passion for Classical Voice and is extraordinarily talented operatically to boot! Annabelle's original song writing style and sound is evolving into an eclectic mix of several great artists and she has been compared to: Sara Bareilles, Amy Winehouse, Joni Mitchell and Jennifer Hudson to name a few.

Annabelle has been training vocally since she was 9 years old and continues to train rigorously in acting and dance as well. She is constantly working to improve her skills as a professional actress as she hopes to be back on Broadway again someday.

In the meantime, this determined eighteen year old has been busy writing and composing her first full LP expected to be released in the fall of 2018.

Annabelle not only keeps up a busy training, writing, rehearsing, and recording schedule, but continues to work diligently to organize and participate in Benefit Fundraising Cabarets with her Broadway Community and works independently to raise awareness for people in need all year round.

Annabelle is also a straight A student and proud member of The National Honor Society. She continues her work in the performing arts to raise money for many different causes through Broadway benefit fundraising events.